White Tea Facts & Why You Should Drink It

At first I was not really a tea person, if you call it that. Finally someone recommended me to try drinking tea. I started to love it!

There are so many excellent health benefits for drinking white tea and in my opinion, white tea is very beneficial. One of the benefits that I love is that it apparently prevents cancer. While other teas I have researched, they do not have this aid. Drinking white tea is a very good choice especially if you are looking for a tea that has little to no caffeine in it. White tea also has many antioxidants which makes it an incredible tea. Studies show that white tea also might help you lose weight – if you want to lose some.

For some facts this tea is slightly processed, it features a delightful flavour profile with a soft finish and a pale colour of yellow. It has a slight essence flavour. When it is brewed properly, it does not have any strong or harsh taste. There are plenty different varietals, which have pleasant, vegetal, hot and floral hints.

This specific tea has the littlest amount of caffeine out of all the teas. It has only 15 to 30 milligrams per eight ounce servings. This type of tea is generally produced with the Camellia snensis assamica tea plant. Camellia sinensis plants are grown in Fujian. The white teas from Fujian are more susceptible to be made from the different variety of plants.

Modern white tea was created in the country China in 1857, then was exported around the globe from 1891 forward. White tea went into elevated decline during the two world wars, and has only lately recaptured its attraction in the West. White tea plants create buds and leaves that are broad and fat.

The reason why everyone should at least try white tea is because of the amazing health benefits it has. You should at least try it some time and see how you like it.

I personally prefer white tea over all the other teas. I enjoy the flavour and I love the health benefits that go along with it.

What is your favourite tea and why? Iā€™d love to hear from you! Comment below. šŸ™‚

Things To Do At Home If You Are In Quarantine

I suppose a lot of you readers believe being in quarantine is extremely boring and I understand this as well. So in this is blog post, I am going to help you find stuff to do at home. With a list that you can make for yourself.

Clean your bedroom:

Cleaning your bedroom can really help to improve your mood. It can really effect one’s mood if they are living in a messy and disorganized environment.

Watch a movie:

Watching a movie; is a great way to do something entertaining while you are stuck at home.


One of my favourites, journaling is amazing for getting your thoughts out on paper etc. There are a lot of different ways that a journal can be utilized.

Do a jigsaw puzzle:

This is also one of my favourite things to do and it’s a great way to stimulate your brain.

Read a book:

Reading a book is definitely a way that you can relax and enjoy while learning new things!

Declutter your phone:

Decluttering your phone is great! I have mentioned in previous blog posts that decluttering can help your mood etc.

Call somebody:

Being in quarantine can obviously be very lonely. You should call someone or even maybe call someone you have not spoken to for awhile. People do appreciate being checked up on.

Play video games:

Video games are excellent to pass some time. Surprisingly video games are also proven to be good for your brain!

Have a treat:

I know I love treats! In my opinion; who doesn’t? Treats can help you by boosting your natural dopamine levels. I myself have to be careful to not eat too many as I do have a bad sweet tooth.

Watch a TV show:

Watching TV shows is another great way to pass time. If you have a PVR; you could always record some shows. Or you could try Netflix or other streaming platforms.

Play with your animals:

Playing with your animals is something fun you can do. Studies have shown that spending time with a pet can lower your blood pressure and heart rate.

Clean your garage:

Cleaning your garage might be a cool thing to do. I know some people their garage’s can be very dirty and neglected. This may seem like a major undertaking but it is one you should put on your list.

Cook your favourite meal:

I know some people really like cooking and baking. So take the time out of your busy day and cook your favourite meal. Another idea could be playing your music in the background while cooking the meal.

Declutter your living room:

Decluttering your living room is a good way to keep yourself busy.

Start colouring in a colouring book:

A lot of stores I know have some colouring books. So if you already have a colouring book you can work on that. Although, if you do not have a colouring book, I suggest you get one. It is another good way to pass time and it can be very relaxing.

Make a blog or if you have one write a blog post:

It is pretty easy starting a new blog. I personally suggest Tumblr or WordPress. You can even just have a blog for yourself and write personal stuff. Or you could start a blog like myself and others.

Have a movie night:

If you are in quarantine obviously you cannot go to a movie theater. So it would be good to watch some movies yourself.

Clean your kitchen:

I know in my home the kitchen constantly has to be cleaned. So if it needs clean you could clean it.

Video call a family member or friend:

If you are alone you should video call someone. It could be family member, friend, best friend etc.

Go online shopping:

I love shopping and in my opinion most people do. I would suggest not buying to many things though! I know for myself my shopping can get a bit bad some days.

Declutter your bathroom:

Honestly I do not have that much stuff in my bathroom. Despite the fact, I know some people that do have quite a bit of stuff in their bathroom. So try decluttering it especially if you haven’t for awhile.

Play some games on your phone:

I love playing games on my phone. It can be a great way to distract yourself and pass time as well.


In my opinion, everyone needs to exercise. It could simply just be going for a walk. If you already exercise that is great too.


Obviously in quarantine you cannot go to a nail place. So if you want you can give yourself a manicure.

Clean your windows:

When was the last time you cleaned your windows? I know for myself it has been awhile. So that is a great thing to do.

Have a couple of drinks:

Possibly you could relax and have a couple of drinks.


Napping is a great thing to do obviously if you are tired.


Yoga can be a great thing to do especially if you are like me and experience pain problems. I believe yoga is healthy for anyone though.

Make a coffee:

I love coffee but if you are someone who hates coffee this thing to do doesn’t count for you. Coffee always cheers me up.

Sketching on paper:

Some people have a very strong passion for art. So if you love art or even like it this would be awesome for you to do.

Clean your attic:

I know most people do not really use their attic at all. So it would be awesome to go to your attic and clean it up a bit.

Have a snack:

I love snacks so if you want to have a snack go for it!

Make some tea:

Tea is amazing for relaxation and it can be very good for your health.

Declutter your pantry:

I know my pantry needs to be decluttered once in awhile so this is a good idea for you to do.

Make some hot chocolate:

Hot chocolate is very tasty treat. I know with myself when I want to have a treat I sometimes have this. The reason why I prefer this is because one of my goals is to lose weight. So instead of a huge treat I have this.

Movie marathon:

Movie marathons are great if you have some time to have one. I recommended doing a movie marathon on the weekend though.

Clean out your microwave:

When was the last time you have cleaned your microwave? I know my microwave needs cleaned a lot. So if you have some time it is great to do this.

Do a face mask:

Taking care of your skin is a marvelous thing to do. I think everyone should take care of their skin.


I mentioned manicure before but you can also do a pedicure instead. I love when my nails are done.

Relaxing bath:

I love relaxing baths! I have a bath especially when I have had a stressful day. Some people even use candles that is a great touch too.

Light some candles:

You can do unscented candles or scented candles. It is whatever you like best.

Clean your balcony:

If you live in apartment this is a good thing to do. You can sweep it and clean other things that are on your balcony.

Organize your dresser:

I have not organized my dresser for awhile. One thing I do every once in awhile is I go through my sock drawer. If I do not have matching socks I throw it in the garbage.

Declutter your emails:

The amount of emails I get can be sometimes stressful. Going through your emails can really ease your mind.


Laundry always has to be done usually. So if you have some time it is great to do some laundry.

Vacuum your home:

If you have carpet it is great to vacuum. Obviously, if you do not have carpet this does not apply to you.

Clean bathtub:

Cleaning can sometimes be overwhelming. I personally hate cleaning my bathtub and I rather clean something else. But cleaning my bathtub has to be done either way.

Grow some plants:

If you have a house and a yard you can grow some plants outside. Although, let’s say you are in an apartment you can grow some on your balcony or grow some plants inside. Plants can actually cheer you up in ways too.


If you love puzzles this can be a great way to have some fun.

Board Games:

Usually with board games you have to play with somebody else. So if you do have another person living with you that is in quarantine you can play with them.

My three personal favourites are make a coffee, have a relaxing bath and journal.

Well here is 50 things for you to do if you currently are in quarantine. I really hope these tips help you. Let me know in the comments what you would do if you are in quarantine or what you would do if you would ever have to go in quarantine.

Stay Safe & Stay Happy

50 Best Morning Affirmations

Hi everyone, all of you should have affirmations. So today I am going to give you some sweet morning affirmations.

  1. I will get through today.
  2. I will be the best I can be.
  3. I will try my best to help others.
  4. I will be a nice person to everyone.
  5. I will try my best not to get to stressed out.
  6. I can do this.
  7. I will be confident.
  8. I will not care what people think of me.
  9. I will focus on my goals.
  10. I am beautiful.
  11. I will make myself proud.
  12. I am successful.
  13. Today is a new day.
  14. I am grateful today.
  15. I can do whatever I set my mind too.
  16. I will fill my day with joy.
  17. I will be kind to others.
  18. I am proud of who I am.
  19. I love who I am.
  20. I will be kind to myself.
  21. I will learn many things.
  22. I will add value to this world.
  23. I am surrounded by love.
  24. I will compliment myself.
  25. I am a amazing person
  26. I am worthy of success.
  27. I will be thankful of things in my life.
  28. I will achieve goals that I have.
  29. I am excited for my future.
  30. I will be proud of who I am.
  31. I will try to do the best I can today.
  32. I will be confident in myself.
  33. I am prepared to succeed.
  34. I am allowed to say “no” to others.
  35. I will focus on myself.
  36. I know that people love me.
  37. I am capable of anything I set my mind too.
  38. I am enough.
  39. I will wake up being positive.
  40. I will let go of toxic people.
  41. I will be determined.
  42. I will block out negative thoughts.
  43. I will always help others.
  44. I believe in my abilities.
  45. I will heal from stressful situations.
  46. I will embrace change.
  47. I will trust myself.
  48. I will focus on the positive.
  49. I can do anything I want too.
  50. I am grateful for all the good people in my life.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post. I hope these morning affirmations can help you.

What are your favourite morning affirmations?

12 Ways To Feel Better About Yourself

Hello all! I have not been blogging lately because life has been kind of hectic. I hope you are all staying safe nowadays with covid happening.

Everybody has flaws and insecurities that they do not like. Even if you love yourself, there are still probably things you would prefer to change. Although focusing on the positive can really change your outlook on life.

How To Feel Better About Yourself:

1. Have a positive outlook on life.

Having a positive outlook on life, instead of always focusing on the negative can help a lot. I know sometimes all of us have had that moment where we think negatively about ourselves. If you focus on the positive and have a bright outlook, it can help you a lot to feel better about yourself.

2. Let go of toxic people. 

Everybody has most likely had a toxic person in their life. It is best that you let them go, and stop communicating with them. Toxic people can really have an affect on your mood and your self-esteem. Sometimes it is difficult to know whether a person is toxic or not. So if you are thinking whether a person is toxic or not you have to really think about it and decide.

3. Research positive affirmations.

Researching positive affirmations can truly help you feel better about yourself. Pinterest is excellent for finding affirmations, so I suggest looking there. Myself, when I find a positive affirmation, I write it  down in a journal. You can also type affirmations on your laptop or computer and print them off.

4. Journal.

Journaling is amazing for your mental health and well-being. There are so many different things you can journal about. For feeling better about yourself, I would try a goals journal or a gratitude journal. You can always find example on the internet. Also, even journaling about your feelings are great too.

5. Eating healthy.

Eating healthy has great effects on your health and it can make you feel good about yourself. For example, if you want to lose some weight eating healthy is wonderful for this. Eating healthy can sometimes be expensive as well. So you can always try to get healthy food on sale if you are tight on money.

6. Go on a walk. 

Going on a walk is amazing for your mental health. Walking is really good for your body. Walking is proven to boost your mood, enhances your body’s circulation, strengthens your bones and much more. So if you have time try to go on a walk some time.

7. Declutter.

Delcuttering your home is a good idea. It is proven in studies that having a lot of clutter in your home can have bad effects on your mental health. Personally, every time I declutter I feel so much better. Plus you can always research about decluttering,  and once again I love Pinterest for this.

8. Give social media a break.

Social media can be very stressful for many people. Sometimes social media can also be toxic, plus it can have a lot of drama. Staying away from social media can also help you finish some tasks in your life. Some time you should try to take a break from it.

9. Save some money. 
You will most likely feel amazing if you save some money. You could even make goals about saving money for something. I noticed when I started saving money it really made me feel good. You could even talk to someone at your bank and find other options about saving money.

10. Watch your favourite movie. 

Watching your favourite movie can really lift your mood. I suggest watching your favourite comedy movie, something that can make you laugh or even smile. Programs like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others are good.

11. Read a self-help book. 

Reading in general is great for your mental health and feeling good about yourself. Although, reading self-care books instead could really have a positive outlook for yourself.

12. Listen to some music.

Honestly, I am obsessed with music. Music always puts me into a great mood. Sometime you should try to listen to your favourite music. Finding new music to listen to as well its awesome.

I hope you all liked this blog post. Let me know in the comments something that makes you feel better about yourself. Stay safe and stay happy.

10 Self-Care Ideas For Fall

It has been a wild year so far but fall is already here. Everyone should make time for themselves to do self-care. I would like to help everyone by giving you some nice self-care ideas.

1. Play Some Games

Games are an awesome way to get your mind off things. I personally like jigsaw puzzles and crossword puzzles. These types of games are also good for your brain. You can physically do those types of games; or you can get some games on your phone. Either way, any games are good for self-care.

2. Get Your Nails Done

I love getting my nails done. I know for myself, that when I get my nails done, I feel better about myself. I love looking at my nails and admiring them. I know getting then done is a bit expensive; but it is an investment in oneself. I think getting your nails done can help you feel better overall.

3. Declutter Your Home

Since fall is a new season; you should think about decluttering some things in your home. Some people participate in spring decluttering, it is also a good idea to do decluttering in the fall. I have some blog posts I have already made about decluttering a home.

Decluttering Clothes: Asking Yourself Questions + Tips

– 25 Things To Declutter This Weekend

You can find more information about decluttering on Pinterest and other sites.

4. Have A Warm Bath

I love baths! Baths feel really nice and gives you peace of mind. I’ve heard of people having candles around their bath tub which seems really relaxing. Epsom salts are also amazing to use in the bath. Epsom salts help me to relax after a long day and if you have tense muscles; Epsom salts are perfect for that too.

5. Go For A Walk

Walks are good for everyone. A lot of people say that everyone should at least do 30 minutes of any exercise per day. Fall is a great season because it is usually very temperate. Walking is great to do now because of the scenery. The leaves are changing colours and falling and personally I like seeing that. If you have trouble going on walks it is great to go with someone. Usually if you bring someone with you it seems to be a better walk.

6. Have A Cup Of Tea

I am not much of a tea person but I know a lot of people who are. Since it is getting colder in many places a warm hot tea is perfect. My favourite during the fall season is chai tea. Chai tea has many health benefits such as, helping reduce the risk of heart disease and it even aids digestion. Almost all teas have great health benefits.

7. Go Shopping For Your Fall Wardrobe

Since we are done with summer and the hot weather is basically done with, it is great to go shopping and get some fall clothes. I personally love shopping for clothes, especially fall and winter clothes. As I mentioned previously in this blog post, it would also be great to declutter your summer clothing. For me, buying new clothes makes me happy so maybe try buying new clothes for yourself.

8. Start Christmas Present Planning

Before we know it Christmas will come. It is great to start planning for Christmas presents. Personally, I would plan for presents now so you will not feel rushed when it becomes closer to the holidays. Once you know all your Christmas presents you need it would be great to go out and buy them now to avoid the Christmas rush. I know that I do not like being places when there is many people but everyone is different.

9. Add Some Fall Decor To Your Home

Fall decor is wonderful especially if you love fall. You can get fall decor from various stores. Some of my favourites are setting up candles, decorating my home with plants and decorating my mantle. You can get cool ideas for fall decor from searching on google.

10. Take Fall Pictures Of Leaves And Scenery

It is amazing to go outside to explore and take photos of leaves and other things. Since it is cooler weather; it is great to go outside. You can go for walks and take some photos and share them with your friends. If you are a person who loves the fall this would be a great thing to do.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for taking your time to read this, I hope you all have a great fall and I hope my ideas inspire you.

What is your favourite thing to do during the fall season? Let me know in the comments below!

How To Survive Covid-19

Hello all! I have not been blogging lately because life has been kind of hectic. I cannot believe how long it has been since I have created a blog post for all of you lovely readers.

Today, I am going to try to help you all survive this deadly virus Covid-19.

Firstly, you all need to understand that this virus is not just a hoax. This virus is deadlier then the flu. I see about everyday from my apartment, groups of people walking together. Obviously, it is their choice and I totally understand that. Unfortunately, what I believe is that these individuals do not understand how contagious this virus is and how sickly it can make you. People like this could get sick and they may survive it but that does not mean that another person would. I am sure other people like my readers have seen people around 25 years old or less that is not taking this pandemic seriously. This is a serious problem and people are dying. Some people under the age of 25 in fact, are dying from this horrible virus too. Let’s say someone has a immune system issue, no matter what their age may be… they have a higher chance of becoming ill. The truth is that it is not just people under the age of 25 that are not taking this pandemic seriously, it is people even a lot older that that.

A struggle that I think people are dealing with about this pandemic, is how they are going to pay their bills. For example in Canada, I saw on the news awhile ago that there was more then 500,000 Canadians or more who were trying to go onto employment insurance. So what can people who are struggling to pay their bills do? Firstly, you can always ask your loved ones or even close friends to possibly help you out. You can also ask your job’s boss to maybe help you out depending where you work. Another way to help you get by and pay those bills could be taking some money that you have, like a savings account. So if you have extra money you might want to use that for now. If you do not have extra money or do not even have a savings bank account you can always try those options I mentioned above.

For the readers who are deciding to stay at home and stay safe as much as they can I know it is difficult and possibly brutal for some of you. You need to know though that you are making a difference and you are not just keeping yourself safe, but you are keeping others safe. And importantly you need to know that you are keeping your family and friends safe. This is also the time to take some time and bond with your family since I bet some of your family members have already decided that they are also going to stay home. If they do not live in the same home as yourself, you can phone them or in this day and age video call them. If you also miss your friends you can also do the same too. Obviously, we all know that not seeing some of our family or friends is very stressful. But you just need to remember you are preventing the spread of this monster virus.

I believe this is also the time to sit down with your family and have a conversation about what your plans are regarding the virus getting worse. It is always good to plan in case it does get worse to know yourself or your family what you will do. We all just need to hope that this virus gets dealt with and stops spreading. Although, in case it does get worse it is better to have a plan be safe then sorry. So you can stay safe, I suggest you should have enough food for at least a week or even better a month. You should also not leave the home unless you need something vital, like prescription medications or food. If you have pets, you should also make sure they have their food as well.

While being in this difficult situation I suggest you should find ideas or even hobbies on what you can do to past time. I have seen many blog articles about things you can do while you are deciding to stay home. I personally do not have a blog post about what ideas someone can have while staying at home. But I have seen many articles from other bloggers that are excellent with their ideas. If you are interested all you have to do is go to a search engine like Google and search up the ideas.

For myself, I find it hard being restricted to go to a gym. This specific issue I have thought of going outside for walks but I make sure I keep distanced from others. If you are the one that is having this particular issue maybe you could think about what I thought about and use that idea for yourself. Of course, it is always best to stay moving and exercise even if you cannot do much. Exercising has many health benefits.

I also pass my time by cleaning and organizing stuff around my apartment. I have gotten to like cleaning and organizing because I love the sigh of relief that I get after I’ve completed those tasks. I would suggest for you all to at least keep your home clean. By cleaning your home you can make sure that you eliminate germs. I’d highly suggest that all of you if you have soap, a cloth (warm-hot) water or disinfectant wipes to clean main spots first. This should entail wiping down light switches, door knobs, bathroom sink, bathroom toilet and handles on certain furniture. Once these main spots are done feel free if you would like to clean other areas.

What should you do when you can not get hand sanitizer or even disinfectant wipes because it is all out of stock in stores? After investigating online about what I could do because I could not find hand sanitizer anywhere in stores I found something. It appeared on the web that you can make your own hand sanitizer and best yet… disinfectant wipes. When you go onto the web and find how to make your own, make sure you have the right ingredients. You also should make sure you understand how to make those products before you attempt on making them.

I would highly suggest for all of you to not watch the news obsessively. Of course, it is tempting because I am sure all of you are scared or at least a bit nervous. I would suggest if you want to watch the news, maybe only watch the news for a half an hour or less daily. But all of you should keep up to date with what is happening but you should decide to limit it. Not having a limit with the news can cause you even more stress and anxiety then you already have.

If you think you have symptoms of Covid-19 which you can find on the web, you should isolate yourself and stay away from other people. If you have other family, room mates or friends living in your home you should tell them immediately. Once you have told them you should stay away from them to prevent them from getting sick. If you have a main doctor you are seeing you should phone that doctor right away, explain your symptoms and listen to your doctor about the next steps you should take. If your situation gets worse you should go to the Emergency Department at your local hospital. I am not a licensed doctor but I have heard health officials that have described on what to do which I just mentioned.

I can tell you this pandemic has most of us under stress and we just have to hope that this virus stops and we can return to our normal lives. I strongly think if we do not, this situation will keep getting worse and there will be consequences. So let’s work all together and stay at home and prevent the spread that keeps continuing around the world.

Ideas For “Do It Yourself Self-Care Kit”

Hey everyone, today’s blog post will be about ideas for a self-care kit. I believe everyone should have one of these. If you are staying in hospital or simply staying at home.

1. Motivational Quotes

My Suggestion:

2. Lotions
3. Face Masks
4. Bottle Of Water
5. Calming Stones
6. Bubbles
7. Chocolate
8. Colouring Books
9. Compress
10. Deck Of Cards
11. Crayons
12. Earbuds
13. Earplugs
14. Essential Oils
15. Face Cream
16. Funny Comics
17. Fuzzy Socks
18. Hand Cream
19. Perfume
20. Gratitude List
21. Important Phone Numbers
22. Index Cards
23. Joke Book
24. Lip Balm
25. Lego
26. List Of Best-friends
27. List Of Funny Comedies To Watch
28. List Of Good Things You Did
29. List Of Your Big Dreams
30. Vision Board
31. List Of Your Strengths
32. Markers
33. Nail Polish
34. Nice Smelling Soap
35. Nice Smelling Candles
36. Pens And Pencils
37. Pictures Of Happy Memories
38. Protein Bars
39. Rubber Bands
40. Fidget Toys
41 Self-Care Journal

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post! If you like it please like this post and comment your favourite self-care idea!

8 Ways To Use An Empty Notebook

Hello everyone! Today’s blog post will be about 8 ways you can fill your empty notebooks! Myself, I am addicted to buying new journals I always have unused journals laying around, and I never use them. This blog post will tell you how to use your empty notebooks!

1. Bullet Journal

Using a bullet journal can make you get your life in order. Ever thought of using a bullet journal? Here is my blog post about using a bullet journal. There are 220 ideas which you can use your bullet journal for with my link down below.



2. Quotes Notebook

I personally have a quotes journal, which I use for jotting down quotes. All you need is an empty notebook and find quotes somewhere to jot them down. If you do not know where to find those quotes, you could use Pinterest or Google. My quotes journal, I also add some cool stickers to my quotes journal as well. You can always make room in your notebook for some nice stickers or even doodles.

3. Brain Dump Notebook

I personally do not have a brain dump notebook. Brain dumping is for when you have a lot of thoughts on your mind you write them down and organize it on paper! Sounds like a good idea right? If you ever are in a state of mind where you have nothing but thoughts about something, it is a great idea to write it down on paper and organize it!

4. Affirmations Notebook

Affirmations are at least one sentence for things that will make you feel better and calm you down. They can be great for yourself so you can become a better person. I have a blog post specifically for affirmations which can get you started. These are examples of affirmations in this blog post below.



5. Memory Notebook

You can use an empty notebook for memories that have happened in your life. You can add photos to your empty notebook of memories. With these photos you could write something in the notebook where your put the photos. You could also make this journal fancy if you want too.

6. Gratitude Notebook

You can grab one of your empty notebook and you can write in the things you are grateful for. You can do it monthly or you can just go ahead and write a whole bunch of things you are grateful for. Since we have so much negativity in our lives I think this could help people focus on the positively.

7. Bucket List Notebook

Have you ever heard about a bucket list journal? A bucket list journal is things you would like to do before your life ends. A bucket list is every single thing you want to do in your life before you pass on. This is great for getting your dreams accomplished.

8. Dream Notebook

A dream notebook is when you wake up in the morning and you write your dreams down. I believe it is a great to leave it on your bed side table. If you have had a dream, it is near your bed, you can write the dream down as soon as you wake up. Writing your dreams in a notebook can be a fun thing to do and in the upcoming years you can re-read your journal.

What is your favourite thing to write in your notebooks?

How To Finally Achieve Your Goals in 2019

Hello everybody today’s blog post will be about how to achieve your goals in 2019.

Everybody should be setting goals for each year. Setting goals gives us something to live for. Setting goals and achieving them makes us feel good. Setting goals can be tricky especially accomplishing them, so here I will give you tips on how to achieve your goals this year.

1. Set Small Goals Then Bigger Goals

If you set small goals and achieve them and are confident in yourself, you can create bigger goals. Setting small goals are more easy to accomplish then bigger goals.

2. Tell Your Friends And Family

Tell your friends and family about your goals. Good family members and friends could possibly help you towards achieving your goals. Telling them can help give you motivation for your goals as well. Once you tell your family members or friends you may want to achieve your goals, because you told them.

3. Plan Your Goals

Planning your goals can be helpful like smart goals. Planning your goals and how to accomplish them is the best thing you can do for your planning goals. Grab a piece of paper and plan out what you need to get done and to accomplish your goals. Also plan out what you will need to get for accomplishing your goals.

I hope everyone enjoyed this blog post!

What are your goals for 2019?

4 Self-Care Tips For Introverts

1. Have Alone Time For Yourself

As a introvert you need time alone for yourself. As you know always going to parties or seeing friends drain an introvert. I know if I go out to much myself, I get extremely exhausted. Make sure you have some alone time for yourself so you can recharge. Try to not go out to much so you get exhausted all the time.

2. Know Your Boundaries

Knowing your boundaries as an introvert is needed. If you do not like people touching you or hugging you, you need to express your concerns. If a friend is always bugging you to see them every single day, you also need to express your boundaries. Sometimes introverts cannot see a friend everyday because it is very exhausting for them. Make sure you have boundaries and if someone is crossing your boundaries tell them.

3. Know Your Limits

Knowing your limits as an introvert is needed. Try to find out where your limits are and how much time you can spend around other people, before you get exhausted. Knowing your limits as an introvert will make it easy for you to adapt to social situations. Also, try to figure out what your limits are in conversations.

4. Figure Out Who You Want To Be Your Friend

If you figure out what type of friends you want this will be much easier for you as an introvert. Having friends that do not match up with your desires and interests can be very exhausting for an introvert. If you find out what type of friends you like and want this will be easier for you a an introvert to be around them.

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